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Australia's Best Cars

Jun 23 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Australia's Best Cars is one of the most trusted, comprehensive and well known car testing and awards programs in Australia. Find out more from Beaurepaires.

Driving in the rain

Jun 09 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

With winter looming, Australian drivers should be mindful of the colder and rainier weather. Follow these tips from Beaurepaires to stay safe on the roads.

The pros and cons of space saver tyres

Mar 10 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Space saver tyres are still a hot topic of debate in the tyre and automotive industry. Find out the pros and cons of space saver tyres from Beaurepaires.

A guide to city driving

Feb 13 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Getting distracted when driving in the city can be incredibly dangerous. Here at Beaurepaires, we’ve put together a list of tips and advice that will help you to drive safer on the city streets.

Tips and advice on car tyre safety

Feb 02 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of your car, and they need to be properly maintained. Look after your tyres with these tips from Beaurepaires.

Your summer road trip car checklist

Jan 27 2015 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Is your car ready to take on a summer road trip? In this blog post, Beaurepaires highlights the importance of pre-road trip car repairs and maintenance.

Where do old car tyres end up?

Sep 16 2014 | Written By: Beaurepaires

There are different ways to dispose of your old car tyres, and only some of these methods are eco-friendly. Keep reading to find out what you can do to help.

The lowdown on the Google self-driving car

Sep 16 2014 | Written By: Beaurepaires

A car that can drive itself? Of course Google is on top of it! Beaurepaires fills you in on the latest developments with Google’s self-driving car project.

How to prepare your car for a winter road trip

Sep 16 2014 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Winter road trips can be a lot of fun, but it’s important for your car to be properly serviced and maintained for the drive. Check out our list of helpful tips!

Are airless tyres the future?

Sep 16 2014 | Written By: Beaurepaires

Airless tyres are the latest innovation in the tyre industry, with several new prototypes emerging over the last few years. Are they really too good to be true?